The OPTI-TRANS project aims to create a Mobile GNSS platform which will provide commuters/travellers with the ability to plan their trip in an efficient manner in order to utilise and share a combination of public/private transportation by combining information from various public transport authorities and other private vehicle owners. It will display to the commuters the optimum router/transport combinations for their trips, based on their location.

The OPTI-TRANS platform will also create peer-to-peer ad-hoc groups of passengers based on pre-defined geographical areas and commuter profiling information to allow commuters of similar destinations/routing information to car-pool and share different modes of transport.

OPTI-TRANS will interface with existing database systems providing public transport information (timetables, routes, etc.) to give the most optimal multi-model solutions for the commuters' requirements. It will incorporate Transport-on-Demand (ToD) through the Car Pooling services and Passenger-on-the-Curb facilities that allow privately owned vehicles to be shared with others subscribed to the service.

The OPTI-TRANS project fully meets the objectives in demonstrating the potential for Location Based Services (LBS) and GNSS technology both to the general public and the public transport authorities.

The OPTI-TRANS system will not only provide the means to investigate the feasibility of a dynamically updated, location-aware pedestrian and public transport navigation tool, but will offer these services as an end product. This will be made possible by the development of both the OPTI-TRANS platform and the OPTI-TRANS GNSS-enabled mobile application.

The OPTI-TRANS project is depicted in the following figure:



The OPTI-TRANS Project GALILEO-FP7-228382 is co-funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme Galileo 2007 - GSA Call 1.